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The WP-AdPunch Comment Slide ™ is an Add-on to the full version of WP-AdPunch. It shows a slide out at the bottom of the page, once the user has finished reading the content. The Slide can be used to show custom HTML messages, Latest Posts or Related Posts or the Next Post.


Just like WP-AdPunch Bar you can add multiple & unlimited WP-AdPunch Comment Slides and assign them to Pages. You can have two slides on the same page, for the Left and one for the Right.

For Latest Posts, Related Posts & Next Posts you have the option of displaying X number of Posts, display Excerpts, display Featured image, Force it to show Posts from the same Post type (it is Custom post type ready).

An example of Inline demo showing 2 related posts with featured images.

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It has all the great features of the WP AdPunch Bar. If your content is is too wide, you could also disable it for mobile devices [devices with less than 600px in width].


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